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In 2004 we as experienced educators, identified the need for the school to be established in Phomolong, Tembisa. At the time there was only one school in the area.

Our main purpose was to serve the poorest of the poor in the community by building a school that would be easily accessible to children in Phomolong and in the process eliminate things such as transport expenses.

In 2005 Sunrise Combined College was launched with just nine learners and very little infrastructure, today we have grown to over a thousand learners whilst the school infrastructure has improved steadily over that period.


Sunrise Combined College continues to face challenges especially when it comes to infrastructure, this problem stems from the limited financial resources of the school. Currently the schools only source of income is school fees, we continue to engage government and other organisations for financial assistance. 

The Future

We will continue to work towards making Sunrise Combined College a fully equipped top class learning institution that will produce the future leaders of the world.

Keep rising Sunrise learners.